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Around The Lodge In Texas (Photo Tour)

We offer morning goose, duck or sandhill crane hunts, as well as Morning or Afternoon Bay Duck hunts. Geese and sandhills are morning hunts only. Hunting packages include guided hunt, lodging, continental breakfast, lunch, kennels, bird processing, packaging and freezing.
OUR SEASON: Our season is from the first of November to the end of Febuary. If you would like to hunt earlier than these dates, please refer to the Saskatchewan page and consider a hunting excursion in Canada.

Our morning hunt for geese and cranes begins at our lodge in Midfield, Tx. The morning begins with a wake up call at 3:30 to 4:00 a.m. In the lodge dining room you will be served a continental breakfast and introduced to your guide, who will give you information on field conditions that were gathered the previous day.
    From there you will follow your guide to the field that was selected the day before for the best possible hunting experience. Upon arriving at the field, the guide and party set out a spread consisting of sillosocks, full body decoys and/or shell decoys. When everyone pitches in, this can be done in 30 minutes or less. A safety speech is given before each hunt. Our guides are experienced professionals who know how to set a spread and call geese in to optimize your hunting success. There are no amateur guides at Bay Prairie Outfitters. Eighty percent of our clients who return request the same guide. All of our guides have 4 wheelers available for hauling equipment to the field. Our main goal is to provide the best hunting experience possible. Therefore, we reserve the right to combine parties together to insure the best quality shooting for everyone when necessary. We have found this to be very effective in that larger spreads normally equal better shoots.”

The types of birds hunted include snows, blues, Ross's, white-fronted, Canada and Sandhill cranes. Our hunts end at noon.

We suggest that you bring the following items with you to your Bay Prairie hunt:

  • Camo Clothing (light/warm)
  • Flashlight
  • Camera
  • Rain gear
  • Waders
  • Rubber boots
  • 12 ga. 3 inch or larger for geese
    Shot size: BB or larger
  • Face mask

*We also have shotgun shells for sale, shotgun and wader rentals.

    Weather plays a key role in the success of our goose hunting excursions. The more turbulent and storm-filled the weather, the better for hunting. Clear, calm days will be less successful.

We offer both morning and afternoon bay ducks hunts that take place in the coastal marshes around the Port O'Connor/Seadrift area. For our morning hunts we also offer lodging and a continental breakfast in the same area. We have five coast guard licensed guides with boats.
We do not depend upon fixed blinds for our hunting success. If no brush is available where the ducks are, we will cut brush and bring it to the best area for the hunt. Our morning and afternoon ducks hunts are for a minimum of three and maximum of four hunters per blind. You may share a boat for transport with another party but we do not hunt from boats.
    Shallow water bay flats are usually hunted for pintail, redheads, widgeon and teal, but other species that are harvested include mallard, mottled duck, wood duck, bufflehead, scaup and black bellied whistling tree duck. Eighty percent of the redhead population of North America winters in the coastal marshes of Texas where we hunt regularly. We have such a variety of birds to hunt that many of our hunters collect different species for mounting.

 To indulge in a full day of great waterfowling, we suggest that you plan to hunt geese and cranes in the morning, and follow it up with an afternoon bay duck hunt. We have been offering bay duck hunts in this area since 1988.
If you do not wish to hunt geese, we also provide morning bay hunts for ducks with lodging near the bay.

  Click for Midfield, Texas Forecast

We suggest that you bring the following items for bay duck hunting at Bay Prairie Outfitters:

  • Camo clothing
  • Waders
  • Camera
  • Rain gear
  • Shotgun
  • Shells
    We recommend 2's 3's or 4 shot for ducks
  • Face mask
*We also have shotgun shells for sale, shotgun and wader rentals.

To guarantee the dates of your choice, make reservations early. We usually do book out.
A deposit is required to confirm reservations with the balance due upon arrival.
We accept Visa, MasterCard
Deposits are non refundable, cannot be applied to someone else's balance nor applied to an upcoming season.

Booking a hunt with our goose hunting guides is easy with Visa or Mastercard

For Further Information And Assistance Please Call or Email
Mike Ladnier @ Bay Prairie Outfitters
Our Texas goose hunting guides will be happy to talk you, please give us a call!

Around The Lodge In Texas (Photo Tour)

Texas - Saskatchewan - About Us - Photos - Contact

BAY PRAIRIE LODGE is located in Midfield Texas, about 80 miles southwest of Houston.
We offer full service lodging facility with a dining room for meals in a quiet comfortable setting.
Our rooms include one or two beds, cable TV, telephone, ac/heat, and private bath.
Kennels are available on-site for hunters who wish to work their own dogs.
Reservations must be made in advance if you wish to bring your own retriever.
    Our three cabins are set up for private parties of 4 or more. Each cabin will sleep 4 to 6 hunters.
Clean and comfortable, these cabins are the solution for large party accommodations.
Each cabin includes card tables, cable TV,and telephone. Cabin bathrooms are clean and private.
Bay Prairie is a clean and neat facility and we pride ourselves on the quality of our offerings.
    Our state of the art bird cleaning facility is located on the premises.
There are no fees for cleaning your birds, we do this free as part of your hunting package.
For mounting birds, we will package and freeze them for transport to your favorite taxidermist.

Our lodge is located in Midfield Texas, about 80 miles southwest of Houston.


Please ask the car rental agency directions to the Beltway 8 (Sam Houston Tollway)
Take Beltway 8 southwest and follow it around to Hwy. 59 (Victoria Exit).
Travel Hwy. 59 south to El Campo, take Hwy. 71 exit (El Campo/Palacios) exit off of Hwy. 59. Turn left onto Hwy. 71 and go 16.6 miles.
You will come to an intersection with a blinking light and stop sign. The Bay Prairie Lodge will be to your right on the corner.

For non-resident hunters you will need a:
5 day special nonresident license along with a Texas state duck stamp and a federal duck stamp.
If you are planning to hunt Sandhill cranes please ask them for a free permit.
You can get your license two different ways:
Call TP&W at 800-895-4248 - OR- Buy your license online - Texas License Online

Texas - Saskatchewan - About Us - Photos - Contact